Did you know as Melissa Moment guest you can fix all your teath cheaper then anywhere else!

So why not fix all your teath while you enjoy the sun at Melissa?

Melissa Moment offers you professional dental care on a state of the art clinic in Kemer for a fraction of what it would cost in another country.
So why not use the opportunity to fix your teeth while enjoying the sun with us on Melissa?

At the clinic, you are welcomed by friendly and very competent dental professional.
As a guest of Melissa moments we will help you to schedule your dental visit and also offers an interpreter if needed.

All for to save you do anything for yourself!
Just get in touch with us before you come to Melissa what you need help with so we book visits for you.


Implantology  600-1200 euro

Clearing 25

Teeth whiteenings 100 -200

Bridge and crowns 160-200

Root canals treatments 100-200

Toothrepairment/Composite fillings 50-60

Prosthesis 750

Unplugging of one tooth 25

Examination and x-rays included